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A strong supporter of the knowledge workers: "TreeViews".

Use Cases

Business / General

  • Corporate management (grasp the whole picture of strategy and ground-level states)
  • Project planning (from planning to creation of WBS[Work Breakdown Structure])
  • Corporate organization creation and management
  • Creating a quote
  • Project management
  • Conference / discussion (efficient intention formation with clarified focus)
  • Increase the efficiency of preparing reports, manuals, etc.
  • Consideration of contract clauses and composition
  • Document composition / document management
  • General-purpose memo (management and sharing of survey information, bookmarks)

Consulting , research , development

  • Survey analysis / organization
  • Problem / Issue analysis with logic tree
  • Strategy review / construction
  • Review / create the contents of the Requirement Definition , RFP , etc.
  • Various designs

In specialized fields

  • Understand and analyze laws and ordinances
  • Procedural management

In Politics

  • Review policy proposal
  • Management of policy importance, priority, situation
  • Policy explanation to voters
  • Managing personal connections
  • Organization and analysis of social problems
  • Tracking and evaluation of policy outcome after politician's election

In Arts

  • Art work and material management
  • A worldview / story composition in art work

Hobby , Home

  • Housekeeping management
  • Collection and management of living information
  • Information management of hobbies