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A strong supporter of the knowledge workers: "TreeViews".

TreeViews is a map type information visualization and management application for adapting to the era of mass information and environment change developed and provided by KikoriSoft (Thinking Woodman Software).


Sales for TreeViews Pro 1.x for PC is SUSPENDED. (Nov. 11. 2018)

It is a shame announcement.
TreeViews Pro paid version for PC can no longer be sold outside Japan.
Amazon, which was the only world-wide sales channel, ended the sales platform service for the PC application.

Since there is no substitute service at the moment, resumption of sales is undecided.
We are sorry for the inconvenience to everyone outside Japan.

We will let you know when the situation changes.

You can't reach essence from fragmented information. So TreeViews!

The work style of the 20th century, whether it is digitalized or not, using verbal and static documents causes fragmentation and weathering of information in today's information-oriented and diversification society.

In such situations which you can't see the relations between the whole and the part, how can you grasp the trend of the world and maintain your organization's strategy, reach the cause of the problems, and communicate or share about these complex things with others?

That's why most important thing in management is to grasp the relationships and the summary of the issues.

Why do not you try using TreeViews that makes it easy?

Let's make a creative time !!

For example, Are you wasting your precious time for the following work?

TreeViews powerfully assists your intellectual work by using three different types of trees, or using them in combination.
How-Tree can visualize relationships of strategies and practices and maintain their consistency.
Why-Tree can analyze the root cause common to multiple problems, and conversely analyze the cause group constituting one problem.
What-Tree categorizes information such as collected bookmarks, files, memos, etc., making it comprehensive accessible.

Also, by mutually linking and integrating the maps of these trees, TreeViews visualizes and makes available the path to all necessary information for you.

Let's make a creative time by compressing the time and effort of information management and documentation!

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Let's find the shortest course for purpose with "visualization"!

TreeViews helps to "visualize", organize and utilize the relationships of large amounts of information and tools scattered in various fields such as business, research and development, education, art, politics.

The completed map will become a "map" to clarify the directionality and overall relationship, not to stray by mistaking means and purpose.

Let's go with the shortest course!