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Comparison of correspondence between the functions and the product variations

As of Oct. 2017.
Product functions / specifications and correspondence in product lineup are subject to change without notice.

Functions  TreeViews product variations
Pro (Paid) Free 
 PC Smartphone   PC  Smartphone
Basic function Editing
Undo 100

* The upper limit of the number of undo changes depending on the environment such as memory.
Copy & Paste of Branches
of Texts
Display Switching view range(depth) Overall mode
Bird's view mode
Myopic view mode
Adjustment for density of display Simple mode
Switching perspective intensity
Zoom in / out  
Basic function keyboard shortcuts  -
External link function   Link by URL drop from browser  -
Link by dropping from OS file viewer  -
Capture folder structure  -
 Automatic link by URL paste  -
 URL link from "share/send" from OS and other applications  -  -
Printing function High quality mode  -  -
Standard mode
Project support function Task management function Task memo  -
 WBS WBS · Line chart display
MS Excel output function
 -  -  -
Sticky note function  -
Virtual Merged Map (VMM) function     -
Linked file Management function Update detection / synchronization  -
Easy Zip compression Under development  -
Password-based encryption Under development  -
Document creation support /

External linkage function
Export   MS Office
* Only for docx, xlsx, pptx formats after 2003
Excel  -  -
Word  -  -
PowerPoint  -  -
* Some items can not be used for detailed setting
Image files PNG  -  -
SVG  -  -
Text* Supports UTF-8 only
FreeMind .mm File -
 JSON File -  -
 CSV File
*Supports task information export
Import FreeMind .mm File
* Rich text, attributes etc are ignored
Display extension Reduced map preview window
* Because of omission of calculation for maintaining the drawing speed, the aspect ratio does not match for large trees, and the display position may not match the preview
 -  -
Display style definition by map  Under development 
Touch device support Touch panel optimization  ‐